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Travel for most people is leisure related but for someone like me, travel is part of my job. Sure, it doesn’t sound that bad and sometimes its really not but, its definitely an experience. Airports, planes and rental cars are just part of the experience of being on the road and although, I don’t travel internationally too often for work, weekly flights can be over bearing. Enkay Blog will be revived with a new series – I have a lot of brand new articles lined up and many of them are related to the posts that started this blog –...


2013 Scion FR-S – Test Drive & Availability

Toyota FR-S

Recently I had the pleasure of test driving a brand new model for the Toyota/Scion brand that was co-developed by Subaru. The car is based on the Toyota GT86 in Japan and is sold under the Scion brand as the FR-S as well as under the Subaru brand as the BRZ. The car is brand new for 2013 and represents a unique joint venture between the two brands. Subaru, well known for its engineering and performance capabilities has done exactly that with the new car and Toyota has designed a stunningly sharp exterior/interior for the car. The two cars –...


Daily Positivity Isn’t Dangerous

I have recently returned from an extended-stay training course in Washington, D.C. Although the training course stayed away from more of the technical on-the-job skills, it did focus on quite a few soft skill areas that brought about quite a few thoughts in my mind. However, for today, the discussion won’t be in relation to the soft skills, it will be more focused on how positivity affects your work life. The background to this is that almost on a daily basis I was speaking with three or more people who did not seem to appreciate their job as much as...


Enkay Blog Updates

Welcome to the new year! I am back once again but with more than a promise to stay committed to the blog. I have been busy cleaning up all the comments, the back end as well as updating the existing WordPress install. Speaking of, the WordPress 3.3 update was something that was lingering over my head for the past few months and I finally performed the necessary backups and completed the upgrade. It seems that this upgrade had the least number of issues with it in terms of the plug-ins and themes. The thought behind the upgrade came about mostly...


Google Goes Shopping, Buys Motorola

Google Buys Motorola

Google recently purchased Motorola’s Mobility segment for a cool $12.5 billion. The deal is being called Google’s insurance policy against legal attacks from rivals such as Apple, Inc. TechCrunch points out that this deal adds 17,000 patents and 7,000 pending patents to Googles’ portfolio. The interesting news will now be to see how far Google will take Motorola Mobility considering the $12.5 billion dollar deal is 1/3 of Google’s cash in hand – not meaning to suggest in any way that the deal was all cash. Motorola Mobility is responsible for the cell phone and TV Set-top ox business and...