1 Month Birthday

Today marks the 1st month since the blog has been in session and its a very proud day for me! I started my first post on the blog on the 15 of May and at first wasn’t fully decided on whether I wanted to monetize the blog from the beginning or not, but even still I decided to do so. I have to say that for the first month, the earnings have been quite pleasing and I hope that your continued support will help bring this blog more success in the future! Lets start with some I have learned in the first month:

Its not easy running a blog
Aside from contrary belief its really not “simple” to run your own blog because there are several aspects of it that you need to constantly keep checking. Your content needs to be good otherwise you are just boring people with stuff they already know. I believe in constant improvement so I always look for ways to better the experience my readers have while they are on my blog and I try not to let the monetizing aspect of the blog affect too much of their reading. Also, a lot of people say, “well you can just write about anything”, and I say “yes, you could but if its not unique then you are the only one reading it!”.

Budgeting my time
I take time out on a daily basis to write quality posts and create graphics for the header (such as this one) and I even visit my blog as a reader to make sure the blog has visual appeal. The reason I put budgeting my time on here is because I am a full-time student and besides the blog I also have a web design company that I indulge in on a part-time basis and so I have to make sure that I give my readers something great to read and not try to slack off in the other aspects of my life as well. It also takes time to write posts and then re-read them several times to avoid any types of grammatical or spelling mistakes and I am very particular about that. Also, I like to add plugins and certain visual enhancements to the website so that does take up some time too!

Readers are everything
If it wasn’t for my reader community then obviously this blog wouldn’t have been what it has become. I have a great MyBlogLog community and some of the other readers such as Jay, Ms. Danielle, Gerri, Stephen Spalding and Randall Cornett. I really appreciate my RSS Feed Subscribers too who like to get the latest update of my posts and I appreciate everyone coming back!

Overall, I have to say that this has to be the best experience that I have had online. Aside from the monetary aspect, this is a huge learning experience for me as I have never really believed in a blog as such and I used to wonder why anyone would subscribe to someone else’s blog but now I do and I thank you guys for reading. As for my goals I didn’t have much in mind but here is what I had planned.

At first I figured 5000 hits in the first month isn’t a bad goal and it turned out to not be a bad goal at all since just yesterday I crossed the 5000 hits mark! I hope that by next month my monthly hits goes up to 7000 hits and I will do all it takes to meet that mark, if not surpass it!

I really didnt know what Technorati really was but as time went on I realized the importance of Technorati for things such as ReviewMe & Sponsored Reviews and today I have an authority of 3 and 7 people have favorited me! Not too impressive, but you can help out with my Technorati Link Exchange! I hope that by next month my Technorati authority is at 10 and I shall try my best, along with your help to accomplish that goal!

I recently got onto Alexa about 2 weeks ago and then I was in the 4,000,000 range and my goal was to be under 1,000,000. Thats about a 75% cut and that goal has been accomplished successfully! I am now ranked at 996,497 and I am hoping that next month I would like to see myself in the 500,000-750,000 range!

Now comes the entertaining part, how much have I earned? well lets see the breakdown! As for monetized parts of this blog, there really isn’t much to go by considering that all I have is Google Adsense, Kontera & ReviewMe. Before seeing how much I earned, lets see by whom I was rejected and the only reason for showing the rejections is because I don’t want new bloggers to lose hope like I did once I got rejected, because you can still be successful as long as you are determined!

Rejected Sources
Sponsored Reviews
Text Link Ads

Earnings Report From Accepted Sources
Google Adsense – $9.49
Google Adsense was activated on the 20th of May and was integrated around the 22nd of May so in the 23 days it has seen well over 3000 page impressions but only around 14 clicks but those clicks are very much appreciated!

BidVertiser – $0.00
BidVertiser was removed only a few days after they accepted me and the reason for that was because it wasn’t blending well with the content of the blog and ad placement would interfere with Google Ads and although you may see it come up again in the future, it was only active around 6 days and earned nothing!

Kontera – $2.89
Kontera accepted me in their loop on the 23rd of May and was actively functioning on the blog since the 24th of May and since then has earned me a small amount even though the page impressions were again over 3000 but only 20 clicks were made on the links.

ReviewMe & Click99 – $74.94
This by far was one of my biggest earning segments and even though I am not fully “accepted” into ReviewMe, it turned out to be a good investment of my review time! I actually came across some interesting websites and quite a lot of information I wasn’t exposed to before so it was a great thing to be a part of. If you are wondering, Click99 is the same as ReviewMe but its based in Europe!

Grand Total Earnings for May 2007: $87.32

Once again, I hope this is an inspiring post for those who were planning on starting up their own blog and for those who currently are bloggers. I hope that the blog will continue to see success as I would sure love to! More importantly, I want to know what you think and if you have any comments or suggestions for me, please be sure to click on “Leave A Comment” at the top of the page and respond or send me an email! I will reply within the day and I do send email replies too!