So, its been a great day so far and I finally have my computer back. I got things figured out and my desktop is now being reloaded with all the software and files that I had on it before it died. Its a GREAT feeling to have my desktop back again. Its like getting back a portion of time every day. Its actually good to finally be able to use a bigger screen and lots of processing power. For a few days, my laptop was infected by a pretty bad virus that I had got while I attempted to connect to a Starbucks wifi. Either way, both my Desktop and Laptop are finally working and I couldn’t be happier.

Now, not having my desktop for a while made me realize a few things. It made me think about 10 things I couldn’t live without and so I figured I’d write them out and see what you guys think about it. One thing to note is that I havent included people otherwise obviously family and friends would be on here so just so you dont think that im being materialistic, I didnt include family and friends since thats a given. The list doesn’t have any order of importance since I think each one is as important as the next so here goes.

1) Phone - I use my phone quite a bit during the day. I obviously use it to make phone calls but also quite a bit for text messaging, taking pictures as well as browsing the internet and checking email. Its something that really makes my life easier because I don’t have to carry around more than one device to do it.

2) Computer – With my computer not being alive for 2 days I realized that I cannot live without it. Everything that I do on a daily basis almost always involves using my computer. Whether its audio editing, video editing or even creating a wallpaper in photoshop, I do it using my computer. Its an integral part of my work and blogging ofcourse, so I really do need my computer.

3) iPod Touch – My iPod Touch is something that I really love. Surprisingly I don’t even use my iPod for music or video. I mainly use my iPod to check email really quickly if I’m at school, to check twitter, to browse the web (Safari is quite amazing), check the weather, catch up on stocks and to watch a video or two on youtube.

4) Music – I love all types of music and on a daily basis I probably listen to music atleast an hour or two hours. Since I did mention that I don’t use my iPod for music, I actually play the music on my computer or in my car as I drive. I think music really helps me avoid school related stress and it makes the drive that I do every morning that much more enjoyable.

5) School - As stressful as school can be, I really enjoy school. No, this doesn’t make me a nerd but I think school, aside from the obvious use of it, also helps me stay refreshed. I like going to class and listening to lectures and such because I think it helps me not only stay in touch with lots of different topics but it helps me stay awake and keep my mind working. As nerdy as it may sound, I actually enjoy school and going to class!

6) Car – A car in Texas is almost a necessity but I think having a car allows me to get to school, go home, drive to the movies or even go to lunch/dinner. I really love my car and my parents will tell you that I do. There is an ad for Mercedes for their Summer Love event that my parents always refer to, saying thats how I feel about my car. Just for reference, here is the ad:

7) My Watch – I love having a wristwatch and without my watch I feel quite incomplete. I like to know the time, all the time. Having a watch on, any watch really, is like knowing almost everything. Most watches not only tell you the time but also the day and date. Its a really simple concept but try going without a watch for a few days and you’ll feel kind of lost.

8 ) Market Leverage – Now you might think I’m kidding, but really, Market Leverage has really been great and has helped revive this blog by running some amazing contests. I really appreciate all that they’ve done and I want to send a big Thank you to everyone over at Market Leverage, specially Dina Riccobono for being so amazingly fantastic and helpful. If you guys don’t know what it feels like to be associated with Market Leverage then please read the title of this post again, and then kindly sign up if you haven’t already :)

9) Blogging – Blogging has become such a big part of my life over the past 20 months of my life that I can’t seem to go too long without it. Even when I took my hiatus during November and part of December, I always wanted to write a post even while I was studying. I’m pretty sure that at this point, I would keep coming back no matter how long I’ve been away from blogging. It really keeps me thinking and keeps the creative/innovative side of me active and alive.

10) News – A lot of people don’t know it but I like reading the news. I like to get on CNN, MSN and Yahoo and even a few local news websites and check up on the latest happenings. I think its important to know not only whats happening in close proximity to you but also whats happening around the world and how it affects you. The news definitely can be depressing at times, but its reality (as long as you don’t consider gossip magazines).

So theres the 10 things I can’t live without. Can you tell me 10 things that you can’t live without? I think it will be interesting to see the list that some of you guys will come up with. If you decide to write a post, do link back or send me a comment so that I can come around and read your post. Have a great Friday everyone!

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