Well, I have been a little busy lately working on a new concept to help me try and increase my rankings and I have figured that the best way to do so is to give away cash and prizes but without any money to begin with this would be a difficult feat.

So to help with that I will offer 1000 advertising spots on a page called the “Wall of Blogs” which will have a thousand 125×125 ad spots that you can purchase for only $5 each. If you do the math, thats about $5000 in total minus all the Paypal processing fees and such but what that will allow me to do is give away either one big prize of $500 and 5 small prizes of a 100 each OR two big prizes of $500 each. This will be cash paid to whoever wins the final contest.

I have decided to keep the price of the ad spot slow mainly because that will allow a lot more people to buy them. The ad spot is also much larger than most considering it is a full 125×125 ad spot. Hopefully this will be incentive enough for those willing to sign up! Below is a screen shot of how it will look.

Wall of Blogs

The domain name has already been purchased and will fall into effect soon and when it does, I will be blogging about it to let you know. The cool thing about the ad spot is that it will be there forever and it provides a permanent link back to a URL of your choice! Also, you can buy as many as you want. The main idea will be to get as many people to sign on as possible. I will try to fill all the 1000 ad spots as soon as possible so that the winner can be drawn. I really wish I could estimate how long it would take to fill the spots but hopefully with a little exposure with the help of my blogging friends, this could certainly be possible. Once again, thank you for stopping by and let me know if you think this is a fairly good idea or not!

Prija’s Giving Away A Car
Thats right, Prija the sneaky individual that he is, is giving away a brand new Scion Tc to one winner! Currently you can become a sponsor by purchasing an ad spot on a second Scion for $100. The cool part is he will raise $50,000 with this scheme and that way he can have one car branded with your ads, and another car given away to one of the 500 people! Secondly, the additional money will be used to promote his movie called Blogging The Movie! Prija had sent out an email to everyone to blog about this on Sunday but since I wasn’t available yesterday I wasn’t able to get this in on time, so I’m sorry Prija! I hope you guys check out the website to get more details on this outrageous contest!

In the mean time, hold onto your seats and await my new website that will be out soon! Thanks again for all your support and committed readership! :)