Its sad news but considering that most other 2-headed snakes only last about a week or two, this particular 2-headed snake was lucky enough to be around for 8 years. Thats right, “We” which was the two headed snake acquired by the World Aquarium for $15,000 from a snake breeder in Indiana in 1999, died due to natural causes this past weekend. Over 1 million people have seen “We” and although he is no more, a taxidermist is on the job preserving We’s body so that it can go back on display. Last year, “We” was set to be auctioned off for $150,000 to raise money for research and conservation but due to unsatisfactory bids, he remained with the World Aquarium. He had both male and female genitalia and the World Aquarium had tried to breed him last year but were unsuccessful. They had planned to try and breed “We” again this year but obviously the unexpected death of the very popular snake caused those plans to be called off. “We” was one of the main attractions for the World Aquarium. If you would like to donate to the “We” memorial fund then please visit his memorial page at the World Aquarium.

Picture Courtesy of the World Aquarium. News source: Boston Globe.