Monthly Archive: June 2009

Back in Houston from Training

As many of you know, I was in Atlanta for training for the past week and I finally returned home on Friday. I am an accountant and no matter what field you’re in, its always crucial to be well trained to perform the tasks that you are expected to complete at your job. As part of my training, I was involved in several hands-on projects, presentations and instructor guided learning seminars. One such company that provides great training is known as Countrywide Training. Their onsite training provides its students to learn from a live instructor and ask questions that they...


IT Boot Camps? Those Exist?

Of course they exist. Certification is an important part of getting accredited with certain credentials that are an important part of being a specialist in your field. I will be talking about Countrywide Training in my next post but today I wanted to highlight their it it boot camps certification programs. Lately, Ive spoken about Kalliance and several of their programs but if you’re looking for an alternative then you might want to check out Countrywide. They offer similar certification programs and they offer them in a bootcamp setting. The boot camp training courses are only a week long and...