Monthly Archive: January 2012

Daily Positivity Isn’t Dangerous

I have recently returned from an extended-stay training course in Washington, D.C. Although the training course stayed away from more of the technical on-the-job skills, it did focus on quite a few soft skill areas that brought about quite a few thoughts in my mind. However, for today, the discussion won’t be in relation to the soft skills, it will be more focused on how positivity affects your work life. The background to this is that almost on a daily basis I was speaking with three or more people who did not seem to appreciate their job as much as...


Enkay Blog Updates

Welcome to the new year! I am back once again but with more than a promise to stay committed to the blog. I have been busy cleaning up all the comments, the back end as well as updating the existing WordPress install. Speaking of, the WordPress 3.3 update was something that was lingering over my head for the past few months and I finally performed the necessary backups and completed the upgrade. It seems that this upgrade had the least number of issues with it in terms of the plug-ins and themes. The thought behind the upgrade came about mostly...