2nd Month Blog Birthday

I am proud to celebrate my blog’s 2nd blog birthday and even happier to show how much the blog has grown since the 1st month’s statistics and earnings. This month I crossed the 100th post mark, the 100th comment mark as well as the 100th spam comment mark! Some things were changed such as the fact that I removed some sources of income that weren’t successful such as Bidvertiser, AuctionAds and Clicksor so lets see how the earnings changed as a result of those changes among many other changes. My trip to Orlando also affected traffic causing earnings to be a little lower on those days.

Adsense – As for Google Adsense, there were only about 8 days where people had clicked out of the 30 days in the month which is weird because about 50% of the Google Adsense earning for this report was earned in a SINGLE day! Thats right! I wish I had a few more of those types of days because over the last 10 days there have been no clicks at all even though over 2000 page impressions were recorded.

Buy Me a Beer – I have the Buy Me a Coffee version of this plugin and since I incorporated it in the blog, it is surprising that there have been no coffee buyers as of yet! I have also received a few people asking me to put up a “chip in” widget so that they can send donations and instead of doing that I opted for the Buy Me a Beer plugin and unfortunately that hasn’t worked out very much at all for the blog.

Kontera – Kontera received a total of 19 clicks and the earnings reflected exactly that. I wasn’t disappointed in the Kontera earnings but they have dropped slightly since the previous earnings report.

ReviewMe – Just a few days ago I got accepted into the ReviewMe Marketplace but before that I had done several small campaign offers and they made up the majority of the earnings for this report. ReviewMe has helped the blog grow financially quite a bit!

BloggerWave – I had done a review of BloggerWave as a test to see whether or not I actually receive a payment because there was some talk of payments not being made but I was happy to see that they did make the payment for the amount that was expected!

The contest money you see in the earnings report is thanks to Jay from Online Opportunity! That was a cash prize and all that money is kept aside to cover for hosting and domain purchases. Obviously a thank you goes to Ms. Danielle for all her support and kindness and of course, I did win her Zune contest too along with Prize Blog’s 24 Hour Contest and since those weren’t monetary prizes they weren’t included however I did want to acknowledge those.

2nd Month Earnings Report
Google Adsense – $14.49
Buy Me A Beer – $0.00
Kontera – $2.09
ReviewMe – $70.00
BloggerWave – $10.00
Contests – $50.00
Grand Total Earnings: $146.58

Please note that this report is from June 15th to July 14th. Aside from the earnings the blog has seen a rise in the statistical sense and by that I mean Technorati, Alexa and ofcourse, Traffic reports.

Traffic – Last birthday, I had hoped to receive 7000 visitors and although I wasn’t able to meet that goal, I did receive twice as many unique visitors to the blog when compared to last month. This means that I received a lot of new readers on the blog and thats what matters in terms of gaining a bigger audience. I do hope to reach a much larger audience by the time the next earnings report comes around.

Alexa - During last month’s report, I said that I wished for my Alexa rank to be in the 500,000 – 750,000 range and currently my Alexa rank stands at 420,000 which is better than what I had expected. This was mainly a result of the new visitors and for the next time around I hope for my Alexa rank to be in the 250,000 – 300,000 range.

Technorati – My expectations for Technorati were lower than I had expected. Last month, I had a Technorati authority of 3 and I had set a goal of 10. I blew my goal out of the water because my Technorati ranking currently stands at 38 and my Technorati ranking has gone from the 600,000’s to 160,000. I hope to see my Technorati ranking in under 100,000 by next time and my authority to be at least 50.

Moreover, I hope to see next month’s earnings rise drastically due to the fact that I have been accepted into ReviewMe, TLA and Sponsored Reviews. Hopefully these three together will boost earnings and finance some more contests for the blog. If you haven’t already entered, please enter my mp3 player giveaway and every entrant receives a free back link! Also, I have to thank all my readers because if it wasn’t for all of you, this blog wouldn’t have received the amount of recognition that it has come to receive! Thanks again!