3 Month Blog Birthday

Slowly but surely my third month of blogging is here at my doorstep! I never imagined that the blog would get as much success as it has in this past month making it probably the most successful month for the blog. Compared to last month, I made approximately the same amount of money however this time I gained a lot more readers and the statistics skyrocketed. A few things could be attributed to that success and I would put the blame on my wonderful giveaway contest and ofcourse my “Jump Start Your Page Rank” train that till today is going strong. That reminds me, the next batch of Jump Start Your Page Rank should be up later today. Either way, this month has seen a lot more than I expected. First, lets take a look at the earnings.

Adsense – For this past 30 days, there wasn’t much of a change in ad placement other than the fact that I added a banner ad at the bottom of each post that won’t appear on the home page but on a post page. I tried to follow Google’s advice and attempted to integrate ads into as many posts as possible without violating their terms of no more than 3 ads per page. The result was that only about 20% of my posts had the ads, meaning 2 out of 10 posts had the ads displaying when there was an opportunity to have several more than that. As a result, I have now installed the Adsense Deluxe plug-in and will be seeing how this works out for the blog in the upcoming month.

Buy Me A Beer – Same as last month, there were no earnings through the Buy Me A Beer Plugin and I will consider removing it by next month if it doesn’t work out too well because it would speed up load time :)

Text Link Ads – After a surprising start, TLA hasn’t earned anything for the blog. I figured that at a price of $15 per month, there would be a quite a few people willing to jump on the bandwagon but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If you want to jump on this deal, then go here to order. If you aren’t a member and want to sign-up then click here.

Kontera – Although Kontera doesn’t earn as much from each click that is received, it does bring in money consistently. Even though I received more clicks this month, the earnings were down quite a bit. Hopefully, this can pick up in the future!

ReviewMe – I took it easy on the reviews this month and when you look at the earnings, you will notice the drop. The only reason was because I didn’t want to bore my reading audience with nothing but reviews. I will try to focus on not accepting any campaign offers anymore and try to see how well my half-off reviews works out for the coming month. ReviewMe can be a great way to increase your income so consider signing up for it, if you aren’t signed up already!

Bloggerwave – I think this was probably the last time I would use Bloggerwave. I only did one review for them and even though the Review was accepted and is currently displayed as “pending” they are about 15 days overdue! They failed to make a payment and as of yet, I will report that earning as “pending”. The reason I have given up on Bloggerwave is also because they have only had 2 offers in the past 40 days and thats not good for publishers, such as you and me.

Sponsored Reviews – I only did 2 reviews for SponsoredReviews this month and one of them was regarding the charity organization that was well accepted by my readers. They were very prompt and paid me yesterday without any delays. Their service is easy to use and the best part is, you pick who you review!

Contests – I did win a few more contests this month. The one that you see reported is the 7-7-7 contest that my friend BetShopBoy was hosting. The other two were contests by Derek Semmler where I won the shoemoney and flipping rich t-shirts (see post here), and lastly I won second place on the Sweet Hacks competition where I get a 3 month long text ad and a full website review! I was hoping to take first on Abdalla’s competition mainly because he gave away an xbox 360! Anyway, now lets take a look at the earnings.

3rd Month Earnings Report
Google Adsense – $8.74
Buy Me A Beer – $0.00
Text Link Ads – $0.00
Kontera – $1.40
ReviewMe – $45.00
SponsoredReviews – $35.75
Bloggerwave – $10 (pending)
Contests – $6.43
Grand Total Earnings: 107.32

These earnings are from July 15th to August 14th and if I remove the contest earnings from this month and last month, you will notice that there was not much of a change in earnings but I want to change my focus for the next month. I would like to focus more on traffic and statistics of the blog because that will help me increase my earnings in the long run. For the next month, I will be setting tougher goals in terms of statistics and I hope to reach those goals by the next time around. Lets take a look at the statistics for this past month.

Traffic: Last month, I received 5,000 visits and that wasn’t enough to satisfy me and that resulted in a 50% increase in the number of visits. This month, the blog received hits in excess of 7,500! That was a dramatic increase and the contest and the Jump Start Your Page Rank post were partly responsible for that. By next month, I hope to bring the number of visits close to 10,000 and I really feel like a good post could help me in reaching that goal.

Alexa: Last month, I had set a goal for Alexa to be in the 250k to 300k range and my alexa currently stands at 225,000 which is a dramatic drop from last month’s 400,000. Although, the drop was good, I am setting a tough goal of 100,000 by next month! The traffic goal and the Alexa goal have been set in accordance to each other and I really feel that getting the extra boost of visitors can definitely help in reaching my goal.

Technorati: Once again, Technorati was set to be under 100,000 but I never expected it to be close to 25,000! To be honest, I would have set next months goal to 40,000 if it wasn’t for the dramatic drop in Technorati. Since I am currently at around 26,000, I would really wish for that to be near 10,000 and if possible to be part of the Top 10k on Technorati.

RSS Subscribers : My RSS Feed has been gaining a lot of readers and I can’t mainly attribute that to my contest mainly because a lot of people didn’t take advantage of the additional entry methods that I had. Here is what feedburner stats looks like, for reference, I have marked the number of RSS subscribers for month 1 and month 2 on there.

3 Month Feed Results

Anyway, as you can see the traffic and statistics goals are very tough and I really hope that I can meet those goals and you best believe that this month I will be stepping the game up! Once again, I cannot be more thankful to my readers who have helped me and supported me in making this 3 month long journey so enjoyable and I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for reading and commenting!

Contest Ends Tomorrow
Just a small reminder, my 1GB Video Player contest ends tomorrow so you better hurry to get your entries in! There are close to 48 entrants and I hope to see the number of entrants rise above 50. With that said, the odds of winning are still pretty high!