4 Month

Its a little difficult for me to imagine how quickly 4 months have passed away and 800+ comments and over 5,700 spam comments later, the blog seems to have established a place for itself in the blogosphere. I can only thank all my supporters and readers for the success of this blog and I really hope to see bigger and better results in the upcoming months. I also have decided to do a list for thefemale bloggers in the blogosphere since I have received a few emails regarding that so don’t worry ladies, I have that coming soon! So, lets jump right to the earnings report!

Adsense – For this past 30 days, I decided not to play around with Ad Placement as I felt the current ad placement was working better for the blog and sure enough, the number of clicks was more consistent and earned more than the last month.

Buy Me A Beer – Same as last month, there were no earnings through the Buy Me A Beer Plugin and I will most probably remove it in a few days to help with the load time of the blog.

Text Link Ads – After dropping my Alexa rank near the 100,000 mark I was a little surprised that TLA hasn’t earned anything for the blog. I figured that keeping the price low at $15 per month, there would be a quite a few people willing to reserve their spot on the Featured Section but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If you want to jump on this deal, then go here to order. If you aren’t a member and want to sign-up then click here.

Kontera – Although Kontera doesn’t earn as much from each click that is received, it does bring in money consistently. Kontera didn’t seem to be working too well this past month. What seems to have happened is that even if Google showed a certain number of page impressions, Kontera’s final impression count was half that of Google Analytics, Adsense and even my own site meter. Seems like something must have not been working but either way, Kontera pulled in a lot less than usual.

ReviewMe / Direct Reviews – I decided not to do any “campaign” offers from ReviewMe so that I could concentrate on getting actual reviews done. I even offered a direct review price of $20 through the blog and Brian Aldrich from The Prize Blog was the only one that took advantage of the deal. If you want to see what you will receive for $20, see my review of The Prize Blog and if you are already impressed then you can order your review by clicking the button below. Do remember, that this month, all direct reviews receive a free 125×125 spot on The Wall Of Blogs. ReviewMe can be a great way to increase your income so consider signing up for it, if you aren’t signed up already!

Bloggerwave – Even though I did receive the payment from Bloggerwave for the review I did almost 45 days ago, I decided to stay away from them because of the very restricted number of offers as till today they only have 2 offers available.

Sponsored Reviews – I only did 1 review for SponsoredReviews this month and I recommend them because they are always prompt in making payouts at the specified time.

The Wall Of Blogs – I started a new project called The Wall Of Blogs where you can get a 125×125 ad block for $5. So far, 34 spots have been purchased and The Wall continues to get visitors. I am just hoping to attract more visitors this month to help boost sales.

4th Month Earnings Report
Google Adsense – $13.77
Buy Me A Beer – $0.00
Text Link Ads – $0.00
Kontera – $.73
ReviewMe / Direct Reviews – $20.00
SponsoredReviews – $16.25
The Wall Of Blogs: $170
Grand Total Earnings: 220.75

These earnings are from August 15th to September 14th and there was a rise in earnings mainly due to The Wall of Blogs. My focus on trying to get more traffic turned out well however due to the server move I had during August caused me to lose traffic for 3 days and the after effects lasted 3 days beyond that which really didn’t boost traffic. So lets take a look.

Traffic: Last month, I received 7,500 hits and this month, the blog received hits in excess of 6,800. This was a considerable drop but seeing that for 3 days the blog received no hits, and 3 days after my server move, I only had 50 visitors a day, it does seem that the server move affected my traffic dramatically. Lets hope for the 10,000 visitors for the coming month!

Alexa: Last month, I had set a goal for Alexa to be at 100,000 and currently my Alexa is at 109,000 which is very close to my goal considering that I was at 225,000 last month. I hope to see myself in the 75,000 range by next month.

Technorati: Once again, Technorati was set to be near 10,000 but ended up being closer to 15,000 than anything. I realize that its very difficult to lower your rank as you get closer to the top. My rank is now around 15,900 and for next month I’m hoping for under 10,000.

RSS Subscribers: I was actually happy that after my server move, the number of my RSS readers picked back up and as of now they remain quite consistent with 60+ subscribers. Hopefully this trend continues and if you look at the RSS chart below you will see that the number of subscribers has increased consistently over time. I have marked the first 3 month marks on there and the large dip you see is when the server was down.


New Host – HostNine
A few questions were received from people regarding my new host called HostNine and I just wanted to say that they have been great and I have had no problems with them. This month, has been stressful but in a few days I would have completed my first month with them and so far I have been extremely happy. They are always available when I need help, so if you need to get a new host, then I would love to recommend HostNine and be sure to enter “h9″ at checkout to receive 50% off your entire order!

Anyway, as you can see the traffic and statistics were better than last month and have stabilized since the beginning. I am really happy regarding my Technorati and Alexa rankings and I only hope for bigger things in the future! Thank you for reading and commenting!