5 Month Blog Birthday

5 months have finally passed away with Enkay Blog and with almost 250 posts, 1000+ comments and over 19,000 spam comments the blog seems to have achieved success that I wouldnt have been able to imagine earlier. I owe the success of the blog to my readers and supporters and even though I havent been able to blog regularly, I have still received support from my readers and its only because of them that I can continue blogging. Anyway, lets jump right to the earnings report!

Adsense – I did not change around the Adsense placement however I removed the ads at the bottom of the post and replaced them with TTZMedia ads and ever since the earnings have dropped meaning that I might have to reconsider where I place the TTZMedia Ads. This was by far the best performing month for Adsense even though the page impressions were lower than usual.

TTZMedia – I recently got accepted into TTZ Media and have included their ads at the bottom of every post page and so far the results have been okay. I still believe Adsense was performing a lot better and subsequently Adsense payouts were larger however, the ad has only been running 4-5 days so it will need more time to grow. Lets see how this works out for the blog.

Text Link Ads – After my Alexa dropped in the 80,000 range I was a surprised yet again that TLA hasn’t earned anything for the blog. I figured that keeping the price low at $15 per month would help the sales of text link ads however I haven’t seen a change as yet. Hopefully this will pick up soon but if you want to jump on this deal, then go here to order. If you aren’t a member and want to sign-up then click here.

Kontera – This was the second best performing month for Kontera and I noticed that matching Kontera link colors to your blog link colors doesn’t help at all. Last month, I matched the colors and earned under $1 however, this month after changing the text color to something different I saw an increase of 400% over last month!

ReviewMe / Direct Reviews – I stayed true to my idea of not doing any “campaign” offers from ReviewMe however this month I did not receive any direct review offers or ReviewMe offers. I did however have affiliate earnings and so that is what you see reported in the earnings. If you are interested in a direct review, it will set you back $20 directly through me and you will also get a spot on the Wall Of Blogs. If you want to see what you will receive for $20, see my review of The Prize Blog and if you are already impressed then you can order your review by clicking the button below. Do remember, that this month, all direct reviews receive a free 125×125 spot on The Wall Of Blogs. ReviewMe can be a great way to increase your income so consider signing up for it, if you aren’t signed up already!

Sponsored Reviews – I did not do any reviews through SponsoredReviews this month mainly because most of the reviews offered were not related to the theme of the blog so I decided to stay away from these reviews. Hopefully, doing so has helped maintain the theme on the blog.

The Wall Of Blogs – I started a new project last month called The Wall Of Blogs where you can get a 125×125 ad block for $5. If you are interested, you should definitely check it out. I will be trying to increase promotion in the next two weeks.

5th Month Earnings Report
Google Adsense – $18.90
TTZMedia – $0.30
Text Link Ads – $0.00
Kontera – $2.77
ReviewMe / Direct Reviews – $25.00
SponsoredReviews – $0.00
The Wall Of Blogs: $0.00
Grand Total Earnings: $46.97

These earnings are from September 15th to October 14th and although there was a drop in income, you will notice that Kontera and Adsense performed a lot better than last month and so did ReviewMe. My focus on trying to maintain the quality of the blog has helped the blog gain a very committed reader base and that is very important to me.

Traffic: Traffic was slightly down this month to in the 6000 range however the main reason for this is that my post frequency was much lower in the past 10 days that resulted in this drop. Lets hope for a good increase in visitors for the coming month!

Alexa: Last month, I had set a goal for Alexa to be at 75,000 and currently my Alexa is at 87,000 which is not in the range but is acceptable considering Alexa hasn’t updated their rankings in 9 days so hopefully once they update, I will be closer to that number. By next time I would hope to be in the 65,000 range so lets aim for that!

Technorati: I have started to question Technorati as last month my rank was around 15,900 and then suddenly dropped to 19,000 and I worked hard and then a few days ago it was at 16,000 again when again it mysteriously rose again to 19,000. I really don’t understand what is going on but I really hope to find out how I can get my ranking back because even though my blog reaction is getting higher, the ranking is rising my 3,000 every so often. Well, lets hope for the best next month and aim for 12,500!

RSS Subscribers: I was actually happy that even with a change in posting frequency the number of my subscribers was well maintained over the 60 mark and was even as high as 80 over the course of the month. Hopefully, I am able to maintain this number and raise it to 80 readers on a daily basis!

Anyway, as you can see the Adsense and Kontera results were better than last month but due to my school related activities I was unable to maintain proper posting frequency causing a disappointment in the statistics area. Hopefully I am able to pull back up and meet my goals for the coming month! Thank you to everyone for reading and contributing!