If I got that kind of a bill for a shirt and jeans, I would most probably faint but this bill is for BigTex. For those of you who don’t know who BigTex is then here is a little bit of info. Big Tex is a 52 foot tall cowboy who greets the state fair visitors and can be seen in a picture above. His jeans have a 16 foot long inseam and his shirt sleeves measure 22 feet in length and no ordinary washer and dryer can handle this load so it has to be sent to the dry cleaners.

Dee and Hattie Specialty Cleaners have been cleaning the BigTex’s jeans and shirt since 1980 and have also been known to launder Barbara Bush’s wedding dress and have also cleaned gowns for Lady Bird Johnson who passed away late last month.

You might think, okay, so what makes his clothes dirty? Well its the effects of nature – sun, wind and rain – get his uniform all dusty. His pants take 90 minutes to wash and more than a day to tumble dry and even more, several men are needed to lift the wet jeans from the washer to the dryer. Considering how big BigTex is, the price isn’t too expensive. The company is paid $250 each for the jeans and shirt and $100 for the two bandanas that BigTex wears. Sound expensive now?