So my sweet little friend known as Ms. Danielle tagged me in her post that had 8 interesting facts about her. I loved reading what she had to say and as I was reading I started to think what I would have to say. It actually took me longer to think of the ideas than to actually type the post because its hard to come up with facts I think are interesting. Although, I have to say that once I was done with the 8 facts, I had a few more on my mind but I will have them in a separate post later! You have to realize that I cant let all the cats out of the bag instantly! Anyway, here they are and I have tagged some of you!

This is how it works: The Rules
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– Each players starts with eight random facts or habits about themselves.
– People who get tagged must blog about their eight things and post these rules.
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Here are 8 Interesting facts about Me that you may find pretty mind boggling!
8. I was suspended in the 8th grade for fighting but I only got 1 day suspension and the other guy got 5 days. Best of all, I still got a perfect attendance award!

7. I moved to the States about 6 years ago from a small peninsula in the Middle East by the name of Qatar. At the time, my English still needed brushing up but as you can tell, I’m all assimilated now.

6. I have played pretty much every sport during my life where I was totally committed to the game… thats of course until I came across a new sport. Ive done tennis, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, running, weightlifting, swimming, golf.. yes all of those. Another interesting fact is that I was actually on as a feature about 11 months ago.

5. I have been driving for the past 2 years and I have never gotten in a wreck or been pulled over for speeding or anything for that matter. Im the safest driver you will meet!

4. I’m a super nerd even though I live the life of a regular teen. I have a 3.9 GPA in college compared to my 3.84 GPA in high school and I still have fun and get my party on. Don’t worry, I don’t wear suspenders or anything!

3. I prefer wearing glasses over contact lenses and my teacher in school actually discovered that I had bad vision and told my parents. I never realized it myself! I was so used to seeing stuff blurry that I thought it was natural – I was 12 and didn’t know this yet!

2. I started my Web Design company when I was 13 years old and ran it successfully until my 19th birthday when I decided I needed a break. I made a decent amount of money which I used to contribute to the household income.

1. My Grandfather is a very popular comedian in the Indian Film Industry and has been a major part of over 350 movies. He was someone who really inspired me because he worked really hard to provide for his family and struggled to reach the status that he has achieved. He is no more but, his words continue to teach me and help me learn more in life.

Bloggers that I’m tagging : Erik Karey, Jay, BetShopBoy, Stephen Spalding, Gerri, Carl OCab, Christine.