Holiday Travel of America

I recently received a review offer from ReviewMe for Holiday Travel of America. Well, it was Christmas time and some of the popular travel companies such as Expedia and Hotwire saw a large increase in customers from last year, so what does Holiday Travel of America have to offer? Well, its a little confusing it seems.

If you browse over to the website, you will notice that it seems like a domain parked page with links, that would earn money for the owner of the website if they are clicked. I was a little surprised at this but they have another website which seems more appropriate. As with most of my ReviewMe offers, I decided to do a little background search before I give my opinion regarding a product, so I headed over to the Better Business Bureau to get a report on Holiday Travel of America.

Among other things, Holiday Travel of America had BBB complaints on service, selling practices, refund or exchange issues and contract disputes. Now, I am not out here to demean any product or service but I really don’t think I can speak too much about the reliability of this company.

First off, the website design is a little unsatisfactory to me as a customer however since it is a local business, not much can be expected when compared to national businesses such as Hotwire. Although the prices provided by Holiday Travel of America are good, they seem to be all over the place. The prices of the same package varies anywhere from $100 to $525, which seems like a very broad range to begin with.

Secondly, what set me off was the fact that they urged me to use for the links yet use to actually write the review. They don’t seem to be tricking any customers specially if they are advertising on blogs such as mine, where a large part of the audience is smart enough to recognize a spam parked page rather than a real website.

To be honest, I am actually glad that I received this ReviewMe offer because maybe Holiday Travel of America will realize that not all bloggers are reviewing them superficially for the money. I will only stand behind a product or service after I recognize that it is a valid service or product and that the people behind it are not in the business to cheat their customers. As far as I am concerned, I would prefer to stay away from Holiday Travel of America.

This does make me wonder, how many of you actually research the product or service you have been asked to review?