So today I am here to talk to you about a service called 23Blogs which is similar to Entrecard. The basic idea is that you can sign up for this service and and get a 1:1 click exchange. So you generate an html code that you place on your blog and it randomly generates a list of 10 other blogs. Once the impressions are earned then the websites are rotated. When someone on your blog clicks on any of those 10 links on your blog then you earn a return click meaning that your blog will be displayed on another members blog and you earn a free click for every click that visitors on your website provide to your blog roll.

There are several features such as a 1000 free impressions when you sign up. You have 10 different css styles to pick from and you earn clicks for every member that you refer. You are also able to track your real time performance and pick the categories of blogs you want te ads to be displayed on, otherwise called targeted traffic.

The service is a 100% free and isnt a new concept but i like the difference between entrecard and 23 blogs as you can have 10 text links displayed with the use of 23blogs and that leads to more clicks for you in the long run. – FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10) is definitely an excellent alternative to entrecard but the only concern is whether 23blogs has enough members but we will have to wait and see how everything turns out for them!