So AbelCam WebCam Software is something that could be used by a lot of you who plan on having a web cam feature on your blog. I have seen several personal blogs on there (mainly non-monetized) that run a WebCam server software in order to communicate with their visitors. I was a little hesitant when they requested me to review them through ReviewMe but then I figured that this might actually be something that a lot of people out there are looking for. Firstly, to really get your attention, this software is absolutely FREE and its packed with several useful features. It can get an input of the video from either a TV Tuner or a capture device on your computer such as a video camera or web cam. You can actually tilt, pan and zoom the image live while the software is doing its job. It allows you to use up to 10 cameras at once, and even lets you record the video to your hard drive if you wish. The broadcast of the video is in Windows Media so compatibility shouldn’t be an issue and has an FTP upload feature too. There is even a Web Admin interface that will allow you to see your different cameras, customize their options and even save the video. You can even have your authorization settings that will restrict some individuals from being able to access your webcam which may be good in case you have a case of the stalkers! Overall its a really good webcam server software package and for the price it is definitely worth the price before planning on having a pay-for software to run your webcam. The software design was good and it worked quite well too. I was impressed at what the software has to offer for its great price! Well, hope you liked that review, many more coming soon!