Mp4 Player

Well, everyone knows by now that I am giving away a 1GB Video Player, if you haven’t then you can get more information about it here. As of today, there has been an addition to the contest to make things a little more interesting. This has to be fair, so these changes apply to everyone – if you are already entered then you can increase your chances and if you haven’t then you can be a part of the contest! Aside from blogging about the contest, there are now two more methods to gain entry into the contest. Ofcourse, if you blog about the contest you get an entry into the contest and a free back link but doing any of the following will get you an entry into the contest, if not two entries, so here they are:

RSS Feed
Link: Subscribe to My Feed
All you have to do to gain an additional entry into the contest is to subscribe to my RSS feed and take a screen shot of it and then send me an email. Obviously, you can’t send attachments through my contact form so save the screen shot and in my reply, I will request you to send it to me. The reason for not posting my email is to avoid additional spam, so I hope you understand. This only takes a few minutes and will get you an entry into the contest.

Technorati Favorites
Link: Add Me To Your Technorati Favorites
This one is also quite simple. All you have do is add me to your Technorati favorites and send me an email with your Technorati username and you just got yourself another entry upon confirmation.

Thats all, if you do both of these then you have just gained 2 entries into the contest! I will email you back usually within 24 hours so once again, the two additional options are to subscribe to my RSS and/or add my blog to your Technorati favorites. Remember that you can do both! I would prefer that you also blog about the contest because that way you add to your chances of winning as well as, you get a free back link! Hope that makes it more tempting for you to enter! Thanks for reading!