Webhosting lately has taken a turn for the worst and I have received some messages and emails from people that use 1and1 and complained about how bad the service was that they received. I also received emails regarding pretty much all the other hosting companies. But, as is the case with restaurants as well, people usually speak up when they have problems rather than when they are satisfied.

So,web hosting by AlreadyHosting is basically meant to help you reduce any bad cases that you might run into. There are hosting deals that i see all the time on forums that are offering hosting for under $20 a year with a free domain. If you take a second and think about it, the domain itself is around $8 meaning that youre paying a $1 a month for the hosting. How good do you think the hosting will be?

Well, Already Hosting will let you see the different hosting companies as well as the features that you get for the prices that you pay. Basically, you can go to the website, see the monthly price, see what you will get for that money and even a rating for the hosting service itself. They even provide a review of the hosting service which is a useful tool as well. Its important to use a service like this, because you can see the services that you receive for the price you pay. It also shows you how reliable the hosting company is. They even have hosts organized by different categories so you can find the best host to meet your needs. They even show you any avaiable coupons. So, if youre looking to find hosting, either send me an email or check out AlreadyHosting!