Here I am to talk about Web Hosting Choice yet again however this time, I wanted to focus a bit on their php web hosting services.

Its hard to find a good host as I have mentioned in a previous post but whats even harder is finding one that supports php, mySQL, java or other scripts. WebHostingChoice had sent me this review request so I am going to present it, however their “list” only has 2 service providers listed. One which is under $3.50 a month and the other which is closer to $9 a month. The difference is that both service providers are the same – Just Host.

Its just two different packages, the basic and the premium so the way I would go about this review has just become quite complicated for me. Its a bit confusing why a list of only two – essentially one- service provider would want to be promoted but either way, I respect WebHostingChoice and I think they have a reason for doing so. Either way, the basic idea is that if youre looking for a PHP host then you might want to check out the link above. PHP is critical to run WordPress and it might be a good idea to jump on this deal if you so choose!