So it is rumored that the new iPhone will be released by next month and I was wondering what you guys think about it. Apparently, since last time there are a few upgrades in the iPhone with the only downfall being an increase in thickness. There really isnt a features list yet but there are rumors that the iPhone will have a GPS, support 3G, support mobile Tv, an enhanced camera and software among other things.

I am really tempted to find out how all this will work. I know that many people switched over to AT&T and I wonder if they are happy with their service. I have had AT&T ever since I had my first phone and I like their service. I’ve also heard that the plans will be changed too and im hoping they get cheaper but it all depends. The new iPhone is said to start at 199 now with a two year contract but that all depends on what is announced.

I guess we all have to wait and watch and see how things turn out. What are your opinions about the new iPhone, anyone interested? I can tell you that I certainly am!