Apple recently announced two major moves on its part which are as follows:

1) The Safari Web browser would now be available for Windows
2) There would be Third Party Web-based applications for the iPhone that wont run natively on the iPhone itself.

The release of the Safari web browser was said to be one of Apple’s smartest move in “iPhone prehistory” considering that this would open up a lot of doors for developers who would be interested in creating these third party applications for the iPhone. The fact that the Safari is the application platform for the iPhone means that developers would take application design to the next level with the thought of incorporating the touch-screen interface of the iPhone. It was also said that running the Third party web-applications would mean that there would be no additional security risks for iPhone customers and that the iPhone will be as secure as the Safari browser itself, but then you may wonder, how safe is the browser in the first place?

Well not so safe after all because a few hours after the release of the beta Safari browser for Windows, three researchers found holes in the browser. Some of the researchers found that there was a memory corruption error that could allow malicious code to be run. Others found that the browser could be crashed easily and that there were a few bugs that would allow remote code to be run through the holes in the browser.

Now, I know what you guys are going to say – “well, its a beta software, what do you expect” – but I figured that Apple would have done a little bit more homework before they release a beta in the first place. To me, I feel a little disappointed that a couple hours after the browser’s release itself, that there were people finding bugs in the browser. Its possible that Apple overlooked it thinking that developers would point the bugs and holes out but it could also be that they were in a hurry to release the Safari browser before word was out about the release ahead of time. Hopefully the Safari will grow to become a better browser and a safer one but I am happy with Firefox for now! On the other hand, I think that the iPhone is a great display of how technology is expanding by leaps and bounds but I would be willing to wait before getting my hands on one of these only because sooner or later there will be a revised version that will have a lot more going for it!