I think its an interesting concept, you know, the concept of human perception. Sounds complicated but it really means how people view you or how people see you when they see you online.

I recently ran into one of my readers and they said, “Are you that guy that has the blog?” and I replied “Yeah, sure am” and they even remembered my name. We talked for a little bit and as she left, she said “You’re exactly like what I would have thought when I see you online” and that is pretty much what I wanted to hear. Its a great feeling knowing that I meet the expectations when I meet someone in person considering I create those expectations as an online personality.

The idea is that you should know how to portray yourself. Sometimes you have the occasional individual who attempts to be something who he/she isn’t and thats not really helping you. So point #1 would be, Be Yourself. I can’t say it any simpler than that. You have to show people who you really are and not what you can become online. I understand that becoming someone else online can lead to more profits but when someone meets you then that bubble is about to burst.

One of these guys that I know is true to himself is Normal Joe from ImWithJoe. I know that if I meet him in person, I’d know what to expect and he makes himself very real online and thats why hes been progressing ever since he started.

I also see some guys who are discrediting themselves and thats not a good way to go. If you’re going to leave a comment or write a post about something make sure you know the topic well in order to show off your strong points. Its usually not a good idea to talk about something you don’t know. For example, its somewhat like being good at Science yet writing papers about Mathematics. It just doesn’t flow and its not a good way for you to get attention.

In the blogging world, its when new bloggers talk about making hundreds of dollars a day with minimal work. I mean, if its that easy, why aren’t you doing better? It just doesn’t add up. Make sure you have experience about what you’re talking about and stay true to what you know.

So bascially, stay true to who you are and make sure that you show off your strong points in order to get yourself noticed. Its good to see bloggers like TheNetFool, Balkhis and many others that take advantage of those points and thats why they’re doing a lot better than others. So that concludes this post which was somewhat of a rant based off what I’ve noticed lately but do you think you’re portraying yourself well or are you content with the way things are?