Alright so Joe from ImWithJoe was the top commentator last month and that means he gets a free review on this blog. I’m not going to lie but this will probably be one of the hardest reviews I’ve done because I usually try to critique a website and this one is really hard to do.

For those of you who don’t know who Joe is, I’m going to let Joe help you realize who he is and WHY you would check out his website so that you can say “I’m With Joe”. I’ve never really put up a video in a review before so this is a first but the reason I’m doing this is because this is the video that helped me discover Joe and get hooked to his blog almost instantly, so check out the video.

So now that you’ve been introduced to Joe, let me tell you a little bit about what Joe does on his blog. First off, when you visit his blog, you’ll notice that he has a really good design going. Its simple, its easy to recognize and he has done everything right. The RSS button along with email subscription is at the top of the page (although I’d like him to get the email subscription box aligned which is minor). Hes got the content nicely separated and even uses a nice little box to remind readers to sign up for his RSS which if you haven’t done so already, you probably should.

The sidebar is well organized too although I’d suggest that Joe should move up his 125×125 ads towards the upper portion of the page so that his advertisers get the most bang for the buck and probably they’d be willing to pay more too! The best part about Joe is that he gives back a lot to his readers and you’ll notice that he has a Blogs I Read Daily, Blogs I Read Weekly and a New Blogs This Week box so whenever he mentions the new visitors in his videos you’ll see it in the sidebar boxes. Its a really neat concept and I really appreciate the link I have in his sidebar.

Some things to note about Joe’s blog:
– He has a videos button in his navigation bar at the top so if you’re having a gloomy day and want to laugh then you can click on that button and pick a post and watch the video to brighten your day
– Unlike most of us who have an advertise page, he has an advertise page with a video on it. It just makes it that much more interesting
– If you link to his blog, you will lose readers! I’m just kidding about that but he really has some great content and really great videos so whether you like it or not, you’d want to link to him.

If you visit Joe’s “How I Earn Page” you’ll find out how he got started and after you read about his involvement in freebie trading, affiliate marketing and the fact that he even has his own ebook, you won’t think that hes an amateur anymore. He knows how this business works and is a busy man to prove it. He’s currently even working on a project called If This Blog Could Talk so you should have a look at that too.

I did notice one small thing that I’d like Joe to have a look at and thats the footer. I still haven’t worked on the footer on my blog so I know that it can get overlooked but Joe actually has a well put together footer however the problem is that its really hard to read what it says since the gray background with blue text makes it quite difficult. If you need help with this Joe, let me know!

So there it is, thats Joe for you. If his video and my review wasn’t enough to persuade you to check out his blog then I don’t know is. I recommend that you check out his blog and tell him I sent you. If you are a reader at Joe’s blog, I’d appreciate if you left your testimonial.