As many of you know, I was in Atlanta for training for the past week and I finally returned home on Friday. I am an accountant and no matter what field you’re in, its always crucial to be well trained to perform the tasks that you are expected to complete at your job. As part of my training, I was involved in several hands-on projects, presentations and instructor guided learning seminars.

One such company that provides great training is known as Countrywide Training. Their onsite training provides its students to learn from a live instructor and ask questions that they may have as if they were actually in the class itself. Countrywide training also sets up training programs for companies in the event that you need to train more than one individual at a time. They send over a certified instructor to a company’s location to train its staff on a variety of topics.

One of their several different training programs includes Microsoft Office. This training helps employees become proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Being proficient in these programs is a crucial goal for any staff at any level in their career. Their training programs include other IT specific training courses and even several different types of certification programs to help elevate your staff to a higher level of technical knowledge. So, if you’re looking for some training programs then you should probably look into something like Countrywide onsite training.

As far as my training, I am finally back in Houston and ready to begin work on Monday. This will mean that I won’t have as much time to devote to my theme design, but I’m sure Ill have time on the weekends to do so. Training in Atlanta was tedious but it helped me become proficient with the software and corporate culture of my company. I will have a post this week that will talk about some of the things I learned about work ethic, that we, as bloggers, can apply to our blogs in the blogosphere.