My friend known as BetShopBoy is running a contest where he is giving away a total of $119, where $77 goes to the grand prize winner and 6 separate winners will get $7 each. Although $7 may not seem much to you all, think about it this way, it could buy you a domain for a year. Any kind of money is good money because earning a dollar can be just as difficult…well, unless you are John Chow! BetShopBoy helps you earn income online and his post about online services that help to back up your blog was probably one of the most useful. I will be having a post about one of them soon because it has truly eased my mind when it comes to having a backup of my blog. His blog is well designed and to enter the contest you need to link to his home page and one other post in his blog. As well as you need to subscribe to his RSS and provide a screen shot, this applies to all current and new subscribers. This wouldn’t be a complete entry without a screen shot and since I use several different RSS readers, (mainly to check to see if my feed looks the same in different readers), I have picked Bloglines to display BetShopBoy’s feed.


Hopefully that qualifies me so, go check out the contest!