I am sure that everyone knows of Black Friday by now and if you don’t then you’ve been under a rock for the longest time.

I have participated in Black Friday for four years now and for those of you who don’t know, it is the day after Thanksgiving where retailers have a massive sale where millions of Americans wake up at the wee hours of the morning to get in on these awesome deals.

Why Wake Up Early?
Well you usually HAVE to wake up early because these sales start early, I mean generally 5am early and generally the sales reduce after noon to discounts that are good but not as good as they would be earlier in the day. Oh, and plus, if you want to make sure you actually can FIND the item you want to buy in stock, you need to be there earlier to make sure you get these deals.

Exactly, How Early?
Well, this is a good point. It used to be that if you got there at midnight, you would be okay but now people start lining up the DAY of Thanksgiving to get in on these deals. YES thats almost 12 hours before the actual stores even open in some cases.

How Good Are The Deals?
I mean, if people are actually waiting outside the door of their favorite store for hours, then you know the deals have to be great. For example, this year, Target has a 40″ LCD for under $300. Yes, thats a really awesome deal for a TV. Laptop Deals also come into the $300 to $400 range for some laptops meaning you can save upto 40% on those laptops.

Overall, the deals are great and theres always plenty of deals to be had if you aren’t able to find something that you wanted. I have been going and have always found atleast 80% of the items I have wanted. I’m usually there at 4am but I don’t wait in line from the day before or anything either. This years deals are on BlackFriday2010 so check them out! Do you shop on BlackFriday? If you have, what are some of the deals you’ve snagged?