As many of you are aware, school and college started in some parts of the US today and that means that its time for me to go back to school. Considering I’m at the university everyday from 8:30am to 4pm, I tried coming up with ways to stay in touch with my blog. I know that my schedule is not as constricted as some of yours and I wanted to share a few ways that I try to check up on my blog and write posts and I’d like to hear what your schedules look like as well.

1. Wake Up Early
– I usually wake up 20 minutes before I actually need to wake up so that I can quickly check email and comments and respond. This helps me not seem like a slacker and means that individuals that are located in different time zones get replies within 2 hours. Waking up early means that I lose out on 20 minutes of sleep but it also means that I dont have to worry about coming home to an inbox full of emails from the night before.

2. Blog During The Day
– I know that if you’re at work, it gets hard to blog until you return home however, since I go to university, I sometimes do get 30 minutes to an hours break in between classes and that means that I’m able to login to my WordPress dashboard and partially write out my posts. I usually write them out in outline format and when I get back home I complete them. This allows me to not throw away good ideas that come to me during the day.

3. Weekend Blog Readup
– What I’ve planned on doing is visit my favorite blogs during the weekend if I am unable to get to them through the week so that I can read up on them and write comments. So, if you haven’t seen me around just yet, dont worry. I’ll be there this weekend making my rounds as usual and leaving comments and suggestions.

4. Multi-Tasking - I dont know if this is true for you guys but I’m learning to multi-task. I have the feeling that most guys don’t know how to multi-task but most females do. I mean that in the best possible way, by the way! I’m learning to have to be able to read emails as I reply to them and be able to proofread my blog posts while checking comments and such. I’m a newbie at multi-tasking so its difficult but im catching up quickly.

Anyway, I’d really like to see how you guys balance out your schedule. I know that some of you go back to school and long days of classes while most of you are working the entire day. How does blogging fit into your schedule?