How many of you think that your walls are too plain? Well, if you have seen some of my videos, you’ll notice that everything looks pretty plain and natural in my room and thats because I don’t have any paintings or any wall hangings of that sort. I decided to look on eBay for some paintings but the ones I liked were either too expensive or were just re-prints.

Then i headed over to which is primarily an office wall art store but they offer some great prices and they have lots of paintings and art to choose from.

They are based out of Clearwater, Florida and they have wall art choices for your home, office, or both. They even have a line of wholesale art that you can actually find in stores across the US. They custom design and frame all their art themselves and they can even design some art for you based on what you want.

They have art selections that are geared towards retailers, interior designers and purchasing agents for project-based artwork. Their art can be placed in homes, restaurants, hotels, office, or any other suitable location. They even have categories of art to match each setting so that you can find the art you need to satisfy your needs.

The company has been in existence since 1992 which is great for credibility and their design staff also provides corporate art services to help you with your current project as well as later on if you decide to purchase any artwork from them. I have to say that I will be ordering a piece of artwork from Wendover Art so when it does arrive, I’ll have to make a video about it. For those of you who buy art, what is your preference?