Custom Chopper Frame

We have all seen the fat tires and custom paints, we have all heard the loud engines of the monster bikes that are called Custom Choppers and even more, we all know the price tag some of these bikes carry. West Coast Customs publicized the idea of Custom Choppers on television thereby enhancing their popularity and making it a benchmark for most other chopper wanna bees. Most people would rather just buy their custom chopper from a dealer or bike builder but what if you want to do it yourself? Well, Recently Custom-Choppers-Guide requested a review from me on ReviewMe regarding 9 common frame building problems and how to avoid then. This guide is for veteran and novice bike builders who wish to save time creating their motorcycle frame. Building A Custom Chopper Frame is not an easy task but, if you visit the website you will see that all you need to do is type in your email address and name and you should be signed up to receive installments of the 9 common frame building problems. The tips that they have provided so far are pretty good even though I have a suggestion. The only thing I suggest is to compile the problems and suggestions into an eBook so that it is actually downloadable in one file. Currently, I have received emails with the tips and as of now, there are still 7 installments of the email I do not have. Having an eBook would make it easier to access the information in one file itself. Other than that, its a great website and so far the tips provided are great. Hope you guys have the time to check this website out.