Well, its sad to find out that one of your best contributors is saying good-bye to blogging. Mahdi Yusuf has been the man behind The King Kong Blog and because of financial issues relating to college, he has to sell his blog. If you have ever been to The King Kong Blog, you know that Mahdi has done a great job with the posts and the promotion of the blog. He has been the Top Commentator here and on JohnChow several times. I really hope that someone is willing to buy the blog from Mahdi because its a nicely established blog that can earn a great monthly income. I am including the Sitepoint ad below so do check it out and place a bid if you are interested. The blog has 35,000 pageviews a month and is a PR3. The bid starts at $600 and closes at $2500 so lets see the bidding guys!

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