Before I decided to take a hiatus time and time again from blogging, my rankings were pretty high and I was doing quite well. Now that I am coming back to blogging, I want to see how long it takes for me to get my ratings back. I’m not sure what my exact rankings were but Technorati was in the 150’s or 200’s in terms of authority and Alexa was around 100,000.

Im not a newbie in the blogging industry and this gives me the advantage because last summer, I experienced a similar situation and I had to pretty much start back from scratch. In case, you don’t remember, Last year, I decided to finally purchase and this meant starting back with no Alexa Rating, no Page Rank and no Technorati. I was able to build everything back up within 2 months.

This time, things will be harder. Why you ask? Well, things are a bit different. It seems as though the blogging industry has slowed down. A lot of old friends are now gone and so that support is missing. Furthermore, the economy has affected some of the bloggers and aside from that, some bloggers have decided to move away from blogging and onto other things. All this makes this time around a bit harder.

What Am I Getting At?
Well, basically what I am saying is what I have preached for several months now – you have to have goals. Setting this goal for myself means that I need to, and will, try harder and harder in order to be where I was, if not better, than I was when I decided to step away from blogging a few months ago.

Why are Goals Important?
Well, in simple terms, goals help motivate you to do better things. They help you to keep at it till you are able to be where you want to be. By having this goal of wanting to reach my previous status as a blog, I will do everything in my power of achieve it. It helps motivate me and remind me of what I want and then it is up to me to do all that I can to achieve that goal.

Can I Do It?
I hope that I am able to do it and this will be a process that I will document slowly as time goes on. I really think that if I am able to put out great content and get the link backs and audience support that I can achieve this goal. How long do you think it will take me? and if you’ve gone through such a hiatus before, how long did it take you?