For starters, this isn’t a paid review by ReviewMe and I just wanted to get that out there. If you own a blog, then most of you are familiar with ReviewMe. For those of you who aren’t stick around for a little background info. Basically, ReviewMe is a website that allows advertisers to create accounts and get their product, service or website reviewed by bloggers based on a rating scale. Advertisers pay the bloggers an amount that is determined by the bloggers themselves. The blogger’s are rated on a few things: Technorati Rank, Alexa Rank and RSS readership. My blog isn’t rated so well with only 2 stars and a suggested asking price of $60. The next Alexa update will be bump me up to 3 stars with a suggested price per review of $100. According to me $100 is far too much to charge and my price will remain at $40 even as my rating rises.


Either way, I have been with ReviewMe for about 2 months now and I have noticed that ever since my start, I have received no review offers aside from a few campaign offers that I pick. It makes me wonder if some of the other popular blogs are seeing any review offers. With my rank closing in on 3 stars, I begin to wonder whether ReviewMe will help my blog in earning any money or not. As for JohnChow, he has seen high ReviewMe requests costing $400 each and ReviewMe makes up 20% of his monthly income. I have completed several campaign offers and in my first month, earned $15 and in the second month, jumped to $70. The payments for last month have shown a significant drop and campaign offers for this month are pretty much depleted.

Can You Bank on ReviewMe?
As I noticed over the past couple of months, you really can’t expect ReviewMe to be steady unless you are a highly popular blog. JohnChow gets several review offers mainly because of his high popularity. Also, lets not forget that ReviewMe charges the highest commission which stands at 50%, compared to 35% of SponsoredReviews and PayPerPost which doesn’t seem to charge any commission. Overall, I would say that even ReviewMe’s campaign offers aren’t stable aside from the fact that most of the review offers are directed towards the highly popular ones. I want to experiment by keeping my review price at $40 as I come into the 3 star range. I wonder if that will make any difference.

Dont Put All Your Eggs In One Basket
I have to mention that you can’t expect ReviewMe to be the only source of income on your blog. You have to diversify your sources of income and you need to be sure that you have atleast 5-6 sources of income. Relying solely on Adsense or Kontera or even ReviewMe will lead to unsatisfactory results. Remember, the average money making blog has about 6, so having that many won’t hurt you. Personally, I use Adsense, Kontera, ReviewMe, SponsoredReviews, Text Link Ads and PayPerPost. Also remember that you won’t start earning money instantly and that it will take time for you to start receiving offers on paid-t-blog sites.

Hope that this will help you realize that ReviewMe can definitely help you make money, but you have to establish yourself in the blogosphere to really start rolling in the review offers and raking up the cash! Thanks for reading!