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Recently I came across and thought it was an interesting concept. If you need supplemental income then Click99 might be exactly what you are looking for. It is a relatively new website however it wont be long before it becomes one of the highly popular websites around mainly because others do not offer what they do. In the simplest terms, Click99 allows you to sit in the comfort of your home and get paid to write reviews. When you are accepted on Click99, you can write reviews regarding a certain topic as requested by an advertiser, once the review is written and published on your blog, you are paid! Click99 doesnt allow just any blogs to sign up and will have to not only authenticate the blog but approve your blog content as well. Your blog has to be well presentable and shouldnt have any content that is illegal or unacceptable. Once you sign on for a job, you have a certain time frame within which you can complete the job. Once the job is complete and the advertiser approves your review then your account is credited with the amount that is pre-specified.

How is this different you ask?
Well most paid review websites do not allow bloggers or publishers to approach advertisers and apply for a particular job, however Click99 does. So, unlike the other websites where you have to wait till an advertiser finds your skills worthy, on Click99 the wait is over. You yourself are in control and have the right to decide what job you wish to apply for.

How do I benefit?
If you are a publisher or a blogger, you receive financial compensation for helping the advertiser send their message out to a broader audience. On the other hand, if you are an advertiser then by signing on to Click99 you actually open your doors to the entire readership of the blogs you select. What this means for the advertiser in turn is that they are able to get more potential customers and clients for their products or services.

Overall, its a great website that is easy on the eyes and very easy to navigate. The job postings are clear and concise and the concept of allowing bloggers and publishers to directly approach the advertisers is a definite hit! Be sure to check out Click99 which allows you to add on a supplemental income from the comfort of your home!