Last Day To Win!

Hi everyone! As you all know, today is the last day to enter my 1GB Video Player Giveaway Contest! Tomorrow, I will be drawing a winner and showing you how much of an impact the contest has made on the blog and what your options are if you win! For those of you who don’t win, do not worry because I will be planning a second link train that will benefit everyone! Also, before the contest results tomorrow, I will be posting one last batch of entries and if once again, if you don’t see your name mentioned, please be sure to email me so that I can make sure I have you listed! So, hold on to your seats as the contest has only another 16 hours to go!

I will try to provide a video of the name drawing but I cannot make any promises as that depends on whether my software is able to edit the video or not. Either way, be assured that the contest drawing will be executed in all fairness to everyone who entered and that nobody will receive preferential treatment. I also want to let those who entered know, that if you haven’t taken advantage of the 2 additional ways to increase your chances to win, you might want to do so (look below!). Once again, Thank you to all who entered and for those of you who haven’t, today is your last chance! Once again, heres how to enter:

How can you WIN this player?
Well, I wont make it too complicated to enter this contest. All you have to do is write a line or two about me hosting the giveaway and link to the blog ( ) and this post. You don’t necessarily have to have a new post but if some entries get a bit jumbled then I will let you know. I’m not too picky so this shouldn’t be a problem. The anchor text I prefer is “Enkay Blog”.


Enkay Blog is giving away an Mp3 Player with Video Playback capability in his giveaway contest. I hope I win!

After you have made the entry be sure to send me your name, your email address and the entry URL through my contact form and I will respond to you confirming your entry. Please re-check the links and anchor text before you submit your entry and I will randomly pull a name when the contest is scheduled to end. Also remember, that all entrants will receive a FREE back link so either way, everyone becomes a winner with this one! This player retails for around $100 and this could be yours!

2 Additional Entry Methods
These following two methods of entry will give you an additional of one entry each. There are not many people who have taken advantage of this and if you have already blogged about it, then these two steps should require minimal effort.

# 1: RSS Feed
Link: Subscribe to My Feed
All you have to do to gain an additional entry into the contest is to subscribe to my RSS feed and take a screen shot of it and then send me an email. Obviously, you can’t send attachments through my contact form so save the screen shot and in my reply, I will request you to send it to me. The reason for not posting my email is to avoid additional spam, so I hope you understand. This only takes a few minutes and will get you an entry into the contest.

# 2: Technorati Favorites
Link: Add Me To Your Technorati Favorites
This one is also quite simple. All you have do is add me to your Technorati favorites and send me an email with your Technorati username and you just got yourself another entry upon confirmation.

Once again, the winner will be declared tomorrow and a last batch of linkbacks will be published tomorrow! Thank you all for entering and Good Luck to all of you!

[Update]: Some of you asked me for additional pictures of the player so here they are:

Player      Player      Player