Its time again to give back to my contest entrants. It has now been exactly 25 days since the contest started on the 9th of July and this batch completes 40 entries into the contest. Here are the free backlinks for those who entered and for those who haven’t entered, I urge you to enter now because the contest ends in 12 days from today! Also, some of you have taken advantage of maximizing your chances of winning through the additional 2 methods of entry, for those who haven’t do consider subscribing to my RSS feed or if you fave me on Technorati then you will get one additional entry each. If you are interested in entering the contest, read the contest rules here. After completing your post please send me an email and I will confirm your entry into the contest. Also, if you fave me on Technorati or subscribe to my RSS feed, send me an email. Here are the entrants from the 4th batch.


The King Kong Blog
Peter Kapas
A Walk On The Flipside
DM Squad
Gal Sisso

Thank you to all who entered and if you haven’t entered yet, remember that you have till Midnight on the 16th of August to enter as a winner will be drawn on the morning of the 17th! If you have entered and do not see your name mentioned here, then please email me so that I can get that corrected for the next batch. Thanks to all who entered and good luck!