Contest Update
Just wanted to give everyone an update on my contest. Everything is going well and I have decided that I will provide free link backs to all contest entrants and that means that even if you don’t win, you won’t feel like you left empty handed. So, if you have thought of entering, then please do so by going here. For those of you who have entered, here is your free link back. If you entered and do not notice your name up here, send me an email and I will add you to the next batch. There is already talk of several entrants who wish to contest off this particular mp3 player if they win it, so hopefully this player will get to see a lot of different states and probably countries if it continues to be given away in a contest. Well, lets get to the best part – the free link backs – to make it easy for my readers, I will be doing batches of 10.

RomanDock Dot Com
Beef Jerky Blog
An Island Review
The Prize Blog
The Link Bait
Samuel Dionne-Riel
Mike Dominic
Jason Johnson

New Vistors
I also wanted to say hello to my new visitors from the MyBlogLog Community. I have seen a lot of new faces and for those of you who wandered here through Ms. Danielle’s blog site, I hope you liked the blog and I love hearing from new visitors. As a matter of fact, I decided to provide link backs to 10 random visitors of my blog! Here they are!

Steven Fergus
PallabNot Just Another Blog
Thomas De Maesschalck
April Kerr
Sweet Site Of The Day
Create Business Growth

You can reciprocate if you’d like but you aren’t forced to! I don’t think that I will be providing link backs like this randomly but if you want to confirm your spot, you can check out my free link exchange program and be guaranteed to be linked back on the site.

Thats all for now! Be sure to email me, if you participated in the contest and don’t see your link up there. Chances are that you are in the next batch of entries! Thanks again for reading!