I usually dont get a lot of reviews that just want me to speak about “Page Content” and recently CSVReader.com requested a review from ReviewMe for me to discuss what a CSV File is. For those of you who use Excel or Outlook you may have noticed that you can backup your data as a .csv file. In turn, that data can be inputted into your MySQL database. If you havent figured it out already, CSV stands for comma separated values and is a way to transport large amounts of tabular data between companies or applications that arent directly connected. Comma Separated Values is a good way of putting it because thats exactly what it is. For example, if you have to store my Blog Name, URL and Hits in a CSV file as a table with three columns, your CSV file would have the following data:

Enkay Blog,http://www.enkayblog.com,6000

Interestingly enough, the link provided goes here. The page provides very detailed information regarding what a CSV is and how to utilize CSV. Some of what it states is listed below:

1) Fields are separated by commas.
2) Fields containing a comma must be escaped.
3) End of line characters within a field must also be escaped.
4) The last record in a file may or may not be ended with an end of line character.
5) In fields containing a double quote, the double quote must be escaped by replacing the single double quote with two double quotes

Its actually very interesting to see how CSV is used to create large databases and uses quite simple techniques to get that accomplished. In today’s age where corporations hold large databases, CSV may not be used but for most people using Excel or Outlook or even MySQL may use CSV to transport their data and knowing how it works by going to CSV Reader’s CSV File page is definitely a good resource for future use. Thumbs up for the information!