I have recently returned from an extended-stay training course in Washington, D.C. Although the training course stayed away from more of the technical on-the-job skills, it did focus on quite a few soft skill areas that brought about quite a few thoughts in my mind. However, for today, the discussion won’t be in relation to the soft skills, it will be more focused on how positivity affects your work life. The background to this is that almost on a daily basis I was speaking with three or more people who did not seem to appreciate their job as much as I think they should.

Yes, yes I do understand that everyone has different work situations and that mine may just be better than theirs but I think that sometimes the little things get in the way of the larger picture and we can’t dwell on that. I mean, we can dwell on it but it doesn’t get us anywhere. We all know the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade“. Its somewhat similar to that but, I think that some need more of a push in terms of motivation than others. Well, how can you be more positive, you ask? Easy, lets take a look at a few big things I noted:

1) Peer distractions
– Sometimes what may tend to happen is that one may get caught up in how others view them or if they have any issues with their co-workers. Everyone has their issues and I have had them in the past myself but you have to look beyond that. You have to look towards the future and say “Okay, now that I have this situation, how can I still complete my tasks?”. When it comes to tough co-workers, its not necessarily avoidance or the silent treatment. It’s the involve treatment – where you try to involve them more and attempt to listen to their issues to see if there really is something you can correct or assist with.

2) Team Spirit – It may seem that you don’t consider yourself part of the team and usually leave work as you are done. Sometimes, projects require that you associate with other staff and connect with them and help them when they need it. This builds the team spirit. If you help your peers once or twice, they will remember and assist you when you are crunched for time at a later time.

3) Recognition/Feedback – If you are in a manager and up position and you have people that work below you, feedback is crucial for personal development. Furthermore, if you seek the recognition or feedback then you need to raise your concerns with your local human resource team or request your manager or superiors for feedback as you complete a task or a project. The process of giving and receiving feedback is highly satisfying at an emotional level and from the standpoint of professional development.

These are things that most of us deal with on a daily basis or even if it isn’t on a daily basis, it is something that causes issues at our work place. Hopefully we can work to resolve the issues and make our work environment not just suitable but beyond suitable for our needs. Hope you guys have a great weekend!