Every so often you may end up browsing to a blog that linked back to you or someone who sent you an email about their blog and you begin to look around curiously. It all starts with the first impression, the way the blog looks and how it compares to your own blog or some other blogs that you may like.

Sooner or later you decide to look at the Technorati and Alexa widget of the blog and think to yourself, “hmm..this blog isn’t even halfway as good because its Alexa is above 2,000,000 and is Technorati Authority is only 14!” You can’t say that you haven’t, because every one of us is guilty of having come across a website and disregarding it because of a low Alexa or Technorati ranking. I have done it and on a more personal level, I noticed how my traffic changed as my ranking got better. I was lucky to have a few people help me and guide me to become a more popular blog and stand out from the crowd but what about those who have brand spankin’ new blogs? Well, why do even care about these rankings? Lets find out!

#1. Credibility
First of all, better rankings in turn means better credibility. For some reason, people believe that the higher the number of people that visit your blog, the more credible you are. This is a highly important point mainly because you cannot gain readers if you don’t seem like an honest resource to begin with. For example, would you believe John Chow made all that money if he had no ads on his site even when his Earnings Report showed 20 filled Ad spots? Or would you believe the RichJerk if he didn’t have those bank and Paypal statements plastered on his site? Well, I don’t know about you guys but most people only believe it till they see it. Being as honest and hard working as possible makes you a credible source of information. As for myself, I try and verify all the news items and information that is passed onto me before I blog about it to be sure not to make it seem as though I take rumors and convert them to “real news”

#2. More Readers
Secondly, better ranking also translates to MORE readers. Of course, if you are a credible source then theres a higher chance that more and more people will want to read your content. People judge your blog by your rankings and they feel that commenting on a high ranking blog or reading the content will help them be as successful or even more successful. Mostly new bloggers feel that commenting on a better ranking blog than them will help them get a link back if that blog uses a “Top Commentators” plug-in like I do. As most of you know, I provide link backs to the Top 10 commentators on my blog and thats merely an incentive to be featured in a post. Other bloggers such as John Cow reward their bloggers with a percentage of their advertising earnings meanwhile, others such as Ms. Danielle and Mr. Gary Lee link back to their commentators. Theres an incentive behind having good rankings and that is truly more readers and thus more comments.

#3. Higher Earnings
Lastly, better ranking could translate to higher earnings. The reason i threw the word “could” in there is because it depends how you use your rankings to your advantage. If you have a great Technorati and Alexa ranking and don’t have any kind of advertising options then you have cut yourself out of the loop regardless. On the other hand, if you are a ReviewMe member or are signed on with Text Link Ads then you will see that as your ranking rises, so does the price you can charge. The amount of money you make also depends on the different advertising options you employ. If you limit yourself to text ads then you may still earn a reasonable income but if you expand that to include site reviews, banner ads, etc. then you have just opened up new doors to bringing in possibly higher income.

So thats what a better ranking translates to in the blogosphere. We care about them because of the many reasons listed above and that is why we strive to raise the bar higher every single time. Your statistics aren’t just numbers that make you look good but they are numbers that portray your readership and popularity, so use them wisely! Hopefully, you will see why rankings are taken so seriously in the blogosphere and how increasing them can affect your blog positively. I will have a post later as to how you can increase your rankings so watch for that in the coming days. Happy Wednesday everyone!

The Anand’s Zune Contest Study
Anand from TheAnand.com has a great case study posted on his blog that evaluates the effects of Ms. Danielle’s Zune contest on her blog. He sent me an email and I thought it would be interesting to consider if you are planning on having a contest of your own!