So for those of you who dont know what a blog holiday is, its the day that most bloggers take off during the week. Usually I take either Saturday or Sunday and some times both days off during the week but that depends on how the week is going for me. Lately ive taken quite a bit of time off but now im trying to return to my normal schedule.

The idea about a blog holiday is normal and most blogs do take a day or two off per week and some more depending on how many posts they do a week. The idea about a blog holiday is to give your mind a break and your readers too.

What tends to happen is that when you write new and interesting posts every day, sooner or later you’ll feel that youre running out of ideas. What happens is that sometimes you only have one or two tag worthy posts a week. That means that posts that are so good that people will link to them. The more you write, you’ll use up your tag worthy posts faster. You want to save your posts and so usually you would take a day or two off.

Aside from that, the idea of taking a day or two off means that you give your brain some rest. That allows you to spend time with the family and in that process come up with more ideas. The best ideas come around when you least expect it so taking a day or two off actually helps you become more productive in terms of creativity and helps you come up with more ideas. Its an interesting idea if you think about it and I’m sure those of you that take a day or two off actually notice that you come up with your ideas during that period.

So my whole point of this post is. Do you guys think that taking a day off is important and how many of you actually take a day off. Do you think it makes you more productive? I’d be interested in finding out. Well you guys have a great week ahead and I’ll catch you tomorrow!