Most of our blogs are meant to instill knowledge and pass on references and information but how many bloggers actually inspire you and influence you to do better things? To strive to achieve the unattainable? Not a lot that you can think of, are there?

While im in the process of adding my blogs to my new RSS reader, I decided that its time to talk about a little inspiration that comes from your fellow bloggers. I know that I was inspired by the likes of John Chow, ShoeMoney and Ms. Danielle to get started with my blog and its kind of hard to put a finger on what inspired me but I’ve come up with a list of most common reasons why people are inspired:

1) Money – Dont even deny this one, but its true. Some people think that bloggers are able to make a decent amount of full-time or part-time income and that helps inspire them into doing so.

2) Create An Online Persona – The idea that you can create an identity for yourself on the internet is very tempting to some people. They are inspired by the fact that Shoemoney is who he is online or Danielle comes off as being this fun loving friendly female blogger. Its about how you are able to present yourself through words and video online without much physical interaction.

3) Networking - Theres a lot of bloggers that have created links with other bloggers all over the globe and are able to leverage the power of their network to sell products, services and ideas. I get emails all the time to network and keep in touch with individuals who would like to do business with me later on. Its a good source of networking and creating relationships and you can be inspired to blog because of it.

4) Get Smart - Some people blog to get smart. By get smart I mean that when you blog you learn so much more that you may not have known before. I was always a webdesigner but by blogging I learned better grammar, better spelling and not only that I learned the ins and outs of blogging as well as the things that come with owning an active website like this one. Its a good way to learn and improve your existing skill set.

5) Inspire Others – This is the last point and its because you want to be the one to inspire other people. I know that I love receiving emails from readers who say that they have tried a method that I recommended or they tried a certain revenue generating program. Its good to hear that and I enjoy it and that can inspire some people to start a blog of their own.

Let me know what you think of my reasons behind it. What or who inspired you to get into blogging and what do you have to say about my reasons such as get smart and inspiring others. Do you think you learned anything and were able to inspire others? Lets hear it!

P/s – I’m adding you to my RSS readers so I’m watching my comments and I’ll be commenting as I add your blog!