So recently I have been involved busily with school taking an International Business course during the summer and thereby I try to keep my content fresh by writing my content early in the mornings before I go to class and study with my friend. On that note, I decided that over the two weeks I have been seeing what has and hasn’t been working on the blog and what needed to be changed.

I have noticed that in terms of making money on the blog, i only have two active advertisements on the website which are ofcourse Google’s Adsense and Kontera. Kontera cannot be tweaked in a way to generate more clicks and although it has seen almost 3000 page impressions in 14 days, it has not even racked up close to $2. Surprisingly enough, Google’s Adsense has also seen 3000 page impressions in 14 days and the earnings have just scraped by $5. Not to complain, but i decided to change the setup for adsense a little bit. I changed the positioning of Adsense ads from being located on the bottom of the post to being embedded within the posts themselves. Hopefully this should help the number of clicks rise.

Secondly, I decided to remove ads that were taking up quite a lot of space or were hogging up load times for the pages and in response the skyscraper Bidvertiser advertisement has also been removed. I figured that the extra money wasnt worth the additional load time and the skyscraper advertising wasnt too appealing after all.

Next came the RSS button. Although most of you may not have noticed, I went ahead and changed the regular small-ish RSS button and replaced it with this really great looking eye-popping RSS button in the hopes of people signing onto my feed.

I also replaced Technorati’s small buttons with custom buttons that I created myself from scratch. The buttons were made such that they would grab a person’s attention is they looked to the sidebar. Both Technorati buttons were designed using custom font settings to regenerate the original Technorati text. Hopefully the new button designs will be more appealing to the eye as well. In addition, the Agloco button that used to be visible on the site was also replaced with one that is more visually appealing to the eye. Aside from Agloco, a Clicksor referral button was added also.

Adding to that, the code for the template was cleaned up a little by transferring coding from the separate pages to the main css itself. This also should help in speeding up the site when you load it up. Speaking of the template, I noticed that in IE there were several unappealing parts of the design such as the fact that buttons would be grayed out completely when readers would move their mouse over it. A few errors in the code were corrected promptly and those symptoms are now gone.

I hope that some of the behind-the-scenes changes will help the popularity of the blog and help it earn a little bit of money. The 15th of June marks a one month anniversary for the blog and there should be an update regarding the total income generated within the first month!