Well, I am no Nate Whitehill but I do what I can. I hope this gets John Chow‘s attention or maybe even the cows over at JohnCow! Mahdi from The King Kong Blog asked me to redesign his blog to help make it more appealing in design and due to my erratic schedule, I wasn’t able to make it up to him till today. Well, here is what the new King Kong Blog looks like.

The King Kong Blog

If you remember what The King Kong Blog looked like earlier, you will notice that this is a major upgrade for the team of monkeys! Mahdi has been busy with school lately and the same goes for me and I hope that he will be able to use the new theme to his advantage to leverage his popular blog. I do offer help to my fellow bloggers and so if you have any questions, feel free to email me and ask me. Let me know what you guys think!