Welcome to the new year! I am back once again but with more than a promise to stay committed to the blog. I have been busy cleaning up all the comments, the back end as well as updating the existing WordPress install.

Speaking of, the WordPress 3.3 update was something that was lingering over my head for the past few months and I finally performed the necessary backups and completed the upgrade. It seems that this upgrade had the least number of issues with it in terms of the plug-ins and themes.

The thought behind the upgrade came about mostly because I thought about giving the blog a major face lift for the new year and the newer themes required WordPress 3.0+ in order to function correctly. I haven’t started coding and modifying the theme base just yet but I have a design in mind to give the blog the update it needs.

So, what does the new theme change? For the most part, it will focus more on the content and bring about some major changes to the layout of the current theme. I think reducing the header space will move the content up and give in for advertising space to be more central to the theme.

This brings about a thought – what do most of you consider as a reasonable period of time before a theme for a blog should be changed? To me it seems that when a change is necessary, it should be made however, several key components that make a blog easily noticeable should remain the same such as the color scheme, logo and any other identifiers associated with a blogger.