Enkay Blog

New Domain is Finally Here!
Well, I have been talking about buying a proper domain name for a very long time and finally, I went ahead and purchased one. I purchased http://www.enkayblog.com and it is redirected to the original location which is at http://www.enkayblog.com. The main reason for purchasing the domain was that it would be more convenient for my readers to remember than the actual location of my blog . I still have hosting for another 4 months or so and then after that I will transfer my hosting to my current account at 1and1. I purchased a domain through 1and1.com because when I was in the web design business, I had heard some good things about them. Their domains are fairly cheap at around $5.99 each and their hosting packages for 10GB of space with all the goodies (MySQL and PHP) is around $3.99 a month which is also conveniently priced.

Does This Affect Any Linkage?
This doesn’t affect any of my links or anything because the domain is a simple re-direct and that way I can still maintain my Alexa and Technorati ranking as well as all my accounts with ReviewMe and such. The reason for the domain purchase was sheer convenience for my readers because I am sure most of you know the blog as “Enkay Blog” and its just easier to type in “www.enkayblog.com” into your browser now. My free link exchange program links will all remain the same and I hope that the new domain will be taken with open arms. Thanks again and let me know what you think of the new domain name.

New Header – Opinions Anyone?
I decided on re-doing my header after receiving a short review from Ms. Danielle who was very nice in letting me know that the header could use a little updating. I decided to redo the header but this time I wanted to add my picture in there as a “brand image”. I also figured that with the launch of EnkayBlog.com, the new header would add a little distinction between some of the other blogs. I just wanted to get your opinion on the header – What do you guys think?

Well I hope the new domain is more convenient to access and the header is more appealing to look at! Thanks again for your support!