Mp4 Player

So, I recently won the Zune from Ms. Danielle’s Zune Contest and I decided to keep it but because I wanted to share my happiness with others, I have decided to give away an Mp3 Player myself. It sounds quite bland but actually this Mp3 Player has a 2.0″ TFT screen that actually is a Video Player as well as a Picture Viewer. I had received a similar player a few months ago to review and decided that for my contest, I would give away a new unit! The one you see in the picture is the one you will receive along with its accessories that include a pouch, headphones, travel charger and USB cable along with the manual and driver CD. The thing with these players is that you can’t buy them in stores in the US or Canada and this particular unit was sent directly from the factory where it was manufactured!

Here are a few specifications:
1GB Storage Space w/ MiniSD slot
Integrated Speaker on the back
Rock Chip Technology (faster processing)
2.0″ TFT Screen & an Aluminum Cased Back

When Does the Contest End?
As stated earlier, I have decided to end the contest on the 16th of August and depending on how many entries I receive, I may extend it but as for now, I am keeping it at the 16th of August!

How can you WIN this player?
Well, I wont make it too complicated to enter this contest. All you have to do is write a line or two about me hosting the giveaway and link to the blog ( ) and this post. You don’t necessarily have to have a new post but if some entries get a bit jumbled then I will let you know. I’m not too picky so this shouldn’t be a problem. The anchor text I prefer is “Enkay Blog”.


Enkay Blog is giving away an Mp3 Player with Video Playback capability in his giveaway contest. He has some great content. I hope I win!

After you have made the entry be sure to send me your name, your email address and the entry URL through my contact form and I will respond to you confirming your entry. Please re-check the links and anchor text before you submit your entry and I will randomly pull a name when the contest is scheduled to end. Also remember, that all entrants will receive a FREE back link so either way, everyone becomes a winner with this one! This player retails for around $100 and this could be yours!

Update (July 11th): As an added bonus, all entrants will get a free link back in batches of 10 as a way of saying thank you for being part of the contest. The first batch is coming up shortly!

Update (July 18th): I have decided to offer 2 additional methods of entry. Remember that if you do the review that you also get a free back link! If you do all three, then you just tripled your chances of winning. Here are the two additional methods below:

RSS Feed
Link: Subscribe to My Feed
All you have to do to gain an additional entry into the contest is to subscribe to my RSS feed and take a screen shot of it and then send me an email. Obviously, you can’t send attachments through my contact form so save the screen shot and in my reply, I will request you to send it to me. The reason for not posting my email is to avoid additional spam, so I hope you understand. This only takes a few minutes and will get you an entry into the contest.

Technorati Favorites
Link: Add Me To Your Technorati Favorites
This one is also quite simple. All you have do is add me to your Technorati favorites and send me an email with your Technorati username and you just got yourself another entry upon confirmation.