Have you ever come across something on Youtube and felt like, wow, an interesting concept and the videos are definitely hilarious or shocking (like this one) but, you just never understand how long something like this can last? Well, with the EpicMealTime videos on Youtube, I kind of wonder what their plan of attack is.

Basically, EpicMealTime is a show hosted by Harley Morenstein and features a bunch of his friends taking on high-calorie, meat packed meals (constituting mostly of bacon) and tons of alcohol.

The show started with a video of Harley devouring a Wendy’s burger with 6 beef patties and 8 strips of bacon which later became so popular that it went onto become a full fledged show and even won the 2011 Shorty Award in the food category. This week’s latest episode features Hors D’Oeuvres in the standard EpicMealTime fashion.

I’m a big fan of the EpicMealTime series and although the last few minutes of the show can be quite disgusting as the guys go all out and chomp on their high-calorie meals, I think Harley’s enthusiasm and mannerisms are hilarious. My concern is about how many concepts will they exhaust before they start running out. They’ve tackled Pizza, Burgers, Asian, Indian and Mexican Food even Turtle, Eggs and Chocolate. I just wonder whats next?

Watch the latest episode below and let me know your thoughts. There is some bad language but its all censored. I kind of wanted to get your viewpoint on what you guys think of these videos. Obviously, they are highly popular but their audience is different from my blog so it would be interesting to see.

New Episode Uploaded: Every Thursday
Twitter URL: http://twitter.com/EpicMealTime
Youtube URL : http://www.youtube.com/EpicMealTime

This post is not in any way sponsored by the folks over at EpicMealTime. The post represents my actual thoughts with no influence or bias on my behalf towards Harley and the guys over at EpicMealTime