Fearless News

Have you ever tried to find a news article online that later turned out to be a rumor or just plain false news. There have been times when I have come across an article that just seemed to not fit in. I mention quite a few real world news stories on my blog and recently Fearless News asked me to review them through ReviewMe. They go through thousands of stories from popular news sources on a daily basis and their reader community, staff and artificial intelligence is responsible for delivering only credible, supported articles. Sound interesting already? Here’s the best part, eventually the AI will be smart enough to filter every article for itself. News sources are update-able through reader feedback and shady sources are done away with. Registration is free and although you don’t necessarily have to sign up, there are a few perks of doing so. Basically by signing up you can customize your personal page with news sources that you prefer reading, remove articles you don’t like and discuss articles with other readers. It has been a while since I have seen something of this sort. Its sounds like an RSS reader application but it makes for a really outstanding concept by providing only credible news stories. Another thing I really like is the design. As you can see from the screenshot above, you have a few categories to pick from and once you click on a headline it takes you to the official news page. So their tagline, Like News? Try Fearless News, stands true and I will be bookmarking this one for sure!