I have been on ReviewMe for about 2 weeks now and recently FlickLife.com requested me to review their website. According to the description, this seemed like a modified version of Youtube however, to my surprise this is actually a very interesting concept. In basic terms, FlickLife allows you to take any video and add 3 links of your choice to the videos. It also allows you to make those links advertisements and collect a 100% of the revenue, without having to pay FlickLife any fees. It even lets you add a custom logo watermark to the videos and doesn’t require you to host the video yourself. So if you don’t have a website FlickLife will still work for you. On the main page there are several videos to view and actually this might be a good concept in case you need to upload some of your own videos. In my previous posts, I have uploaded some videos to Youtube with a text header stating my url but FlickLife will allow me to embed my link into the video as text so when you click on it, it will actually load my website. Basically the linking in the video will allow you to increase your earnings if you use affiliate links. On the other side, if you link it to your website then it will bring you more traffic and is a great way to promote your website. Also since FlickLife is just starting up, its a good way to get noticed by a different crowd aside from Youtube Viewers. Once your video is added, it shows up on the front page unlike Youtube so you get instant attention. Its a really cool concept and for those who do a “Vlog” this might be something to look into. Check it out at FlickLife.com.