Well, my last contest ended well but I wanted to increase the chances of winning for those people who may not have won anything in past blog contests. The only way to go about this was to have a few more prizes and pick a winner every so often and thats exactly what I have decided to do. I have been given 5 t-shirts from Derrik Dyka of FlippingRich.com and I have to give them away!

You may have seen me wear the shirt, but so has JohnChow and now it is your chance to get your hands on one of these shirts. I have 5 t-shirts and I will be giving one t-shirt out for every 10 entrants. Basically, once I have 50 entrants, I will be all out of t-shirts! Depending on how the contest goes, Derrik may consider sending me a few more but for right now lets get the party started! Oh, and I forgot to mention, just like last time, every entrant will get a free back link from me just for entering!

JC FlippingRich.com

Here are some rules and guidelines on how to enter:
1) Like always, you aren’t required to create a brand new post for the contest. You can mention it in an existing post if you wish.
2) You need to link back to this page and flippingrich.com and say a few words, here is an example:

Enkay Blog is giving away 5 Flippingrich.com t-shirts! I hope I win!

3) You need to email me your name, URL, post URL in which you mentioned the contest and Your preferred anchor text.

Thats all! Once again, I keep the contest entry simple so you can see that I am not asking too much! I will pick one winner out of every 10 entries I receive, so winners will be announced over the course of the contests’ life. The contest doesn’t have an end date because as soon as the 50 entries are received, I will be all out of shirts so I cannot put a time frame for that! Hope to see you guys enter! Thanks again!

Blog Server Update
As many of you may have read in the earlier post, the blog is being transferred to a brand new server from my free one to boost performance and to eliminate the downtime that is experienced at times. The newer server is definitely much faster and once I have it all ready, I will be talking to my host and offer you guys a great hosting package at a great price! Thanks again and I apologize for the inconvenience! Trust me, I hope that this process goes through fast but apparently 24 hours is the norm for such a transfer!